LED Lighting – thermal management

High Power LEDs develop by the current flow in the semiconductor such as other light sources and heat. To ensure normal luminous flux and life, the maximum junction temperature of the LEDs even in continuous operation are not exceeded. ERCO therefore places particular importance on the thermal management in the light, so that the LED modules operate below the critical temperature range and provide throughout the life of their full capacity. ERCO uses passive heat sinks, which are maintenance-free and reliable, and in contrast to active systems do not consume additional energy. The thermally optimized design reduces the principle of LEDs light depreciation occurring during heating to a minimum.

Heat dissipation via housing

When radiators can be efficient heat dissipation from the LED module over the housing. Through the material aluminium alloy has the lamp a good thermal conductivity and high heat capacity. Large-area connections of rear panel and LED board ensure good heat conduction.

Heat dissipation fins, the correct design of cooling fins ensures at Downlights healthy thermal conditions. The position, length and thickness of the fins undergo thermal simulations in the design process efficiently dissipate heat through optimal design.

Dissipation through heat transfer plate

In certain forms of housing, such as cylinder-mounted lights for outdoors, it may be necessary for the thermal coupling between the LED module and lamp housing to use an additional heat sink plate. Here also be designing and sizing due to thermal simulations in the design process.

Thermal Simulation

Thermal coupling

The strong bond of the LED module to the housing of the lamp creates the best conditions to derive the heat: A principal advantage of such integrated LED solutions to all types of retrofit solutions.

Housing ribs

The cooling fins on the back of the housing Powercast increase surface area and allow for optimal delivery of the LED heat by radiation and convection.

Heat Dissipation

Thermal simulations

Early in the design phase of LED, lights create the engineers at thermal simulations to optimize the thermal management. Tests in the test laboratory also demonstrate the high quality of the detailed simulations and ensure excellent light performance in practice.