Samsung Ativ S Multimedia

The rear main camera of the Samsung S Ativ the test has a resolution of 8 megapixels and delivers a sufficiently large aperture (f/2.6), LED photo light and video in full HD quality (1080p). To focus on the subject and for triggering of shutter the user types either to a selected area on the touch screen or press the dedicated camera button on the side edge.

The picture quality when shooting outdoors with the camera of the Samsung S Ativ the test turns out relatively well. The images are sharp and colours give the greatest possible extent, of course, again, the noise turns out small, and also the dynamic image is not as bad as many other smartphones. Even when shooting video, there is little tearing effects and a decent sound, the sharpness is also true.

The music player provides via the supplied in-ear headphones have a decent, but too low for demanding bass and tinny sound. With higher quality headphones can improve the listening experience, the lack of equalizer makes Ativ S but not exactly the first choice for music lovers. The back sitting beneath the perforated trim speaker is loud enough for the sound systems, but rattles slightly at maximum volume, and sounds a bit tinny.

Phone functionality, connectivity and battery life

For mobile data transmission, that supports a micro-SIM card-operated Samsung Ativ S test in addition to GPRS and EDGE and UMTS. HSPA + accelerator with the data transfer rates of up to 42 megabits per second Downtream The up to 100 megabits per second, fast high-speed LTE standard has not mastered the Samsung Smartphone.

Such high data rates, although for mobile Internet use via smartphone yet completely oversized, but LTE extends the theoretically available broadband network coverage area, because in some (rural) areas namely LTE, but there is no UMTS. For Internet, access at hotspots as well as for the media streaming on your home network supports Samsung Ativ S WiFi n with Wifi Direct.

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