Sony Xperia Z Video

When capturing video, you can set not only as photos or sports scenes such as night mode, but also take photos while recording video with 1 megapixel. This is done via a second virtual trigger, which was placed over the video trigger. A surprise is the sequence mode. There you can expect as your photos with different effects, which will be shown live – about fisheye lens or drawing. The secret is that all nine possible effects appear reduced simultaneously.

With so much calculation in the background, however, it comes to visible imperfections. Panoramic shots are not convincing. A slow the phone creates them. Distortions of the day here, which makes the competition better. Lack of logic appears to us also at the top of the display-arranged point “Scene Selection”. Because the different modes such as night vision or backlight compensation were set in video mode, logically see a submenu and would fit better photos in a submenu.

Their own “main menu items” for front photo and video front we seem superfluous, because in each mode from the main camera, there is always the bottom right of the screen is also a button to switch the cameras. Sony should here have been wanting for some time for a coherent operation.

Nevertheless, we come to the main point at the camera: the quality. Let us make it short – real enthusiasm will not arise. While photos are not bad at all, but a lack of sharpness especially. We had that at 13 megapixels really expected better. 13 megapixels are already almost a sham, because the highest resolution is 12 megapixels, according to camera menu and hide behind even only 11.5 megapixels in 4:3. Full 13 megapixels (actually 12.7 megapixels) can be exploited only if one uses the normal mode and waives HDR.

In addition, we had expected more from the new Exmor sensor RS. Little noise? None, or at least only in certain situations. Less than its predecessor, perhaps, but that was from this point of no paradigm. Noise is also here clearly visible.